It All Started At My Besties Wedding

I never loved my job. Who here can relate? I went to college for something my mother said I'd be good at, and since I had no idea what I wanted to do, I took her advice. I worked within a couple different areas of my field all to still feel uninspired, drained, and having that constant thought of "is this really what I'm going to be doing the rest of my life?"

Then when I was a bridesmaid at my best friends wedding, the photographer was looking for a good location to take our photos. I chimed in and pointed out a spot. She looked at me and said "You know, you'd be a good photographer." I pretty much immediately thought to myself, "you know what, I WOULD be a good photographer." And so it began...

Most days you can find me sitting wherever I can get comfy in my house, editing sessions, drinking coffee, or hanging out with my AMAZING little family comprised of my hunky husband, beautiful baby girls, and two rescue pups! I'm mostly known for taking bright & vibrant photographs, hitting people when I laugh, and for my love of Gilmore Girls and The Office! My friends often refer to me as Molls (My mom did it the other day, and that shocked me! I guess it's catching on!) I love serving couples as their photographer. Providing people with beautiful photos that capture how they were feeling in the moment is something that brings me joy and is something I'm so passionate about! Speaking of my passions- I love 90's country music, lysol wipes, Jesus, and spending quality time with my family and friends. Whether we're out adventuring, or sitting at home on the couch, I'm just happy making memories! (wow.. that sounded a lot cornier than I intended... but it's true!)

My superpower is making you feel comfortable when in front of the camera and giving you pretty photos you'll cherish for a lifetime!


Straight talk, exclamation points, short emails, authenticity, and cutting out the 'meh' to make room for the very best.


fluff, bleu cheese, scary movies, and anything messy (I say while laundry is piled up and I'm rocking a shirt covered in spit up.. #momlife)


honing in on my baking skills, Monica Geller style cleaning, chasing my toddler around, and doing some sort of outdoor activity with my family.

daily rituals

Morning coffee (black please), cuddles with my adorable baby girls + sexy husband, and good skincare (Primally Pure, what!) 

I'm just your average, small town girl. I stumble and stutter over my words, rock dirty hair probably more than I should, and have spent many days staying in my pajamas.





The office... my 10th time?

Black decaf coffee

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

Anything chocolate



90's Country Pandora

My Favorite Things

My family. Shocker right? But seriously. Even on the craziest days where I feel like I'm waiting and wishing for bedtime, once they're asleep, I miss my girls so much!

my happy place!

Christmas! The best time of year. If I could live in a snowglobe- I seriously would!

Vacation. We head down to North Carolina once a year to be with family (half my family is down there!) It's our favorite place and I couldn't imagine a better place to vacation!

My Favorite Things

Sunshine. Wayfarers kickstarter semiotics, quinoa godard dreamcatcher hexagon pop-up hoodie.

my guilty pleasure

Ice cream. Microdosing gochujang keffiyeh salvia. Hoodie knausgaard art party.

Photos! Hashtag fashion axe palo santo fanny pack, ramps cornhole messenger bag asymmetrical direct trade slow-carb everyday carry chartreuse tofu godard.

This      That







scary movies




night owl

no topsheet




Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

It's a tie!

Mine and my husbands experience with Molly for our wedding was absolutely perfect. From the first email, to the engagement session, to the wedding; Molly made the experience so smooth and welcoming. She made she we felt comfortable, smiled, laughed, and didn’t judge any of my crazy wedding brain questions! From the moment you meet her you know she has a passion for her work and she will make sure to pay attention to every detail for you and your significant other!
We look forward to using Molly for all of our future milestones and then some! 


so they say:

let's work together

did we just become best friends?

Think we'd be a good fit and ready to work together?! WOOHOO! Send me a contact form and let's get to chatting on how I can best serve you!