April & Shane: Barneveld New York Engagement Session

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Spring Engagement Session in Barneveld New York

Weather in Upstate New York this time of year is always unpredictable. What we were hoping would be a wonderful spring day, ended up be freezing cold and feeling more like early March than April. Nevertheless, April and Shane braved the cold and we met for their engagement pictures in Barneveld New York.

April & Shane were so friendly and upbeat despite the weather! I loved hearing all about how they met, how he proposed, and their plans for the big day! BUT I won’t spoil that for you! You can read about their love story from the bride-to-be below! Instead of the groom contributing to this blog post, he wrote his bride a private letter answering all the questions to keep just between the two of them (*HOW CUTE IS THAT?!*)


How did you two meet?

Bride-to-be: Shane and I first met through our best friends who were dating at the time back in, had to be, 2004-2005. I thought Shane was cute, but I didn’t have any interest in dating anyone. (Shane likes to remind me how much of an attitude I had haha ) Years passed. We had a couple run in’s but were both in different places in our lives. During those passing years I started working at Spressos Café where I became very close with my co-worker, Sandina. Which I soon learned, is Shane’s cousin! Sandina invited me to tag along with her and her family to the Avett Brothers concert at the Ommegang Brewery. I gladly accepted! That’s where Shane and I were reunited. I immediately felt a connection between us. I knew I had his attention and he definitely had mine…especially when I heard him singing “Weak” by SWV haha  I am forever thankful for the friendship Sandina and I have as it put me back on the path to my future husband.

Tell us about your first date!

Bride-to-be: Our first date wasn’t planned as a “date’ and note, it happened a couple days after the Avett Brothers concert Shane messaged me on Facebook to see if I was going to the Saranac Brewery for the Everclear concert. My sisters and I had tickets and when I knew Shane was going to be there I felt all giddy. I’ll never forget seeing Shane standing in the crowd. I was a couple rows behind him and he was looking around…looking for me. I made my way up to him and the rest of the night was history. Shane and I danced, walked around the venue, chit chatted about life and were telling strangers that we were having a “Beauty and the Beast’ themed wedding hahah people believed us! We had a blast! After the concert, Shane, my sisters, and I grabbed a slice of pizza then we went our separate ways to go home. I remember my sister saying “I like Shane. He is different” She couldn’t have been more right. It was the perfect non-date/date night 🙂

Tell us about the first time you knew you loved each other! 

Bride-to-be: The moment I knew I loved Shane, we were living at our apartment in Westernville. I remember looking around, looking at Shane, looking at our first fur baby, Buster and thinking “This is perfect.” I felt at complete ease. Shane and I looked at each other and smiled. We didn’t even have to say anything. I knew we could both feel it. Whatever was going on in the world outside of the apartment didn’t matter. My world was in that apartment and I knew right then I was in-love.  

Tell us about the proposal!

It was a normal day. I got home from work and we went for our daily golf cart ride outback…with a whiteclaw, of course. We were chit chatting about where we’d want to make more trails and clearings. Shane got off the golf cart to check something out. He asked “What the heck is this piece of metal here on the ground?” I was like eh, don’t care I’m not getting off this golf cart to see this mysterious piece of metal. Lol Shane mentioned the metal again!  I finally decided to get up so I could see what all the fuss was about. At that time, Shane was already kneeling, but I didn’t think anything of it. I figured he was trying to dig out the piece of metal! I made my way over, looked over his shoulder, and he turned around, while still on his knee, holding the engagement ring and asked me to marry him. I SCREAMED with joy ‘YES!!” The scream led into full blown tears, into uncontrollable laughing, and back into screaming. I was ecstatic!! We immediately started calling family and friends to share the exciting news! October 3, 2018 was thus far the happiest day of my life.

Dear Future Husband,

We have accomplished so much together as boyfriend/girlfriend, now fiancés, I’m excited for our journey together as husband and wife. You’re my world. Cheers to many more years of love, laughter and the simple life. Love, Pookie


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