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Why I Still Second Shoot


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Even though I run my own full-time business

When I mention to someone that I still second shoot, or assist other photographers, they always look at me weird and ask “why?”

Let me tell you something friends, I love being a second shooter. It does me more good than it does the photographer I’m assisting! And here’s why.

1. Connections.

Second shooting allows me to meet other creatives in my industry! I love being able to foster relationships with people who have the same passion as I do! I love being behind the camera; but my husband, or my friends, can’t talk business or equipment with me because they have no idea what I’m talking about! Second shooting gives me the opportunity to meet like minded people! It’s just like when someone works in and office setting and has coworkers to talk shop with. Well, second shooting gives me the ability to do that same thing! Being self-employed can get lonely.

I also strongly believe in the phrase “community over competition.” Which means that I believe in putting relationships before opportunity. Instead of keeping all my knowledge to myself and shutting myself in, I like to share what I’ve learned, and my talent, with other local photographers! Sharing what you know, or sharing your talent won’t make you less successful. If anything, being so open to talking with other photographs has HELPED my business because they’ve sent me referrals, and I have done the same thing back!

2. It’s educational.

I believe that we should NEVER STOP investing in our education. There is always something more to learn. Even though I’ve been in business for over three years and have had my own share of experience, I still learn something new almost every time I second shoot! It’s awesome to see how other photographers conduct the day! You never know what you could learn! I’ve learned quick tricks with off camera lighting, I’ve learned some cool new ways to pose couples, and I’ve learned some great business tips, all from second shooting during wedding day!

3. Personal Growth.

Second shooting allows me to be a better lead photographer on my own weddings. It allows me to see the wedding day from the perspective of a second shooter! I’ve learned so much just from what information to share, tips to give, etc.

It also gives me a chance to spend time with the groom and groomsmen which, when I do my own weddings, I’m always on the bride’s side of things! It’s allowed me to grasp what is important to the groom on his wedding day! After all, it’s his day too!


Photography isn’t just my job, it’s my passion. I love being behind a camera and second shooting allows me to do that as much as possible! (& Without all the extra post-processing work!) Talk about a win-win!

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